Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash Drive

When we talk about the OS (Operating System) of our desktop computer, we’ll most likely be talking about one of the three most popular ones: Windows, Mac OS or Linux (usually as Ubuntu). But the Windows operating system continues to get the greatest amount of users when it comes to desktop.

A decade or more ago, we still had to look for a tech and computer savvy friend to help us install Windows in our computer. She/he would probably help us get the installation CD or DVD, boot the installation and install it, making it look easier than it was.

The reality is that it never was that difficult, and nowadays most of us can do it ourselves. However, we still need the operating system itself, and we know very well that the usage of CDs and DVDs is fading away, and many newer computers come without a DVD drive at all.

Buy a Windows 10 Installation USB Flash Drive

You don’t need to run to the store or e-commerce to get an optical drive or an external DVD drive to install the latest version of the Windows Operating System. Get our bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive in part of the country instead, and enjoy of this great OS.

It’s not necessary to dive into tutorials on how to create your own virtual installation USB CD. We offer you a USB flash drive with a bootable Windows 10 installation in it, available in its two versions, 32 or 64 bits, so you can get the one that is best for your computer.

In case you are in doubt in regards to whether you should get a 64 or 32 bits version of Windows 10, we offer you advice to determine which one works best for you and your PC or laptop. Get our Windows 10 USB installation flash drive wherever you are, and get the best version of Windows working on your computer.

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