Choosing the best smart doorbell for your home

Are you ready to buy and install your smart doorbell?

I’m not going to make a list with the best 5, 10 or 15 smart doorbell, I’ll recommend the smart doorbells that I have personally installed here in Orlando Florida.

Having a smart doorbell in your home is no longer a fad, and much less a luxury, it’s a necessity, when it comes to security I think we should rely on technology to increase the protection of our home as well as that of our family.

Today there are millions of smart doorbells, of different models and brands, but the most important thing we must take into consideration before choosing any of them is that they meet the following characteristics:

  • Must have good resolution
  • The capture of the image must be at least 160 degrees.
  • It must have motion detection.
  • Night vision
  • Storage
  • Real-time transmission
  • Preferably you can connect to your electrical network (the same connection that your current doorbell uses)
  • It must have wireless connection.

Wired Smart Doorbells Vs Wireless Smart Doorbells

I do not recommend you unless you have no alternatives, install smart doorbells wireless, because you will always depend on the battery, in some cases you will have to dismantle the smart doorbells from your base to charge the battery, and the When the smart doorbell is charging the battery, your house will be unprotected.

It is best to install smart doorbells wired, with this you ensure that they always have electricity. You will not need to install a separate wiring, with the cable that has your old doorbell is enough.

Let’s get to the point and talk about the 3 smart doorbells.

The first smart doorbell that I’m going to mention is the smart doorbell RING

RING smart doorbells are not the first to reach the market but if they are the most popular, Amazon absorbed the company and now is part of it.

These smart doorbells have all the basic features mentioned a few paragraphs above, the smart RING doorbells come with a built-in battery and can be installed wired. It comes with 30 days of free subscription to store and share all the videos, after that you can buy a plan that goes from $ 3 to $ 10 per month.

Once the plan is finished it will not store the videos, but will continue to broadcast live all the events that occur.

RING has four different smart doorbell models, I’ll mention the four, but I’ll only recommend one of them.

Ring Video Doorbell

It is the oldest of the four models, its characteristics are:

  • It has an internal battery that is not removable.
  • It can be installed using the same electrical connection that your current doorbell uses.
  • Its resolution is 720 HD.
  • It has a little limited motion detection.
  • Price: $99.

Although its price is the lowest among the four models, I do not recommend this doorbell for 2 main reasons, its resolution and battery is sealed.

There is a reason that is no less important, and that is that it does not have Amazon Alexa integration, today in day if you plan to equip your home with smart devices, I recommend that they be compatible with Alexa or Google home, depending on which virtual assistant you like the most.

Ok, let’s go to the second, pay attention here, because this is the one I recommend for the RING doorbells series.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

It is the successor of the previous one, with more modern designs (less square) and its characteristics are the following:

  • It has an internal battery too, but it is removable.
  • It can be installed using the same electrical connection that your current doorbell uses.
  • Its resolution is 1080 HD.
  • It has a little limited motion detection.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Price: $199.

Yes, it is a little more expensive, I know, but it also brings better features and you will not see the need to change it for another model, in a long time.

You can buy it in amazon

Ring Doorbell Elite

Ring Doorbell Elite
Price: $499

To install the Ring Doorbell Elite, it is required to connect to a network cable, it is not necessary but it is recommended (the same cable is used for electricity and data). You can also connect wireless, but it’s not worth it. The resolution is 1080p HD, it has no battery and has motion detection.

Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Doorbell Ring Pro
Price: $249

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is an elegant and discreet model has no advantage over the Ring Doorbell 2 beyond the design, has no battery, has the same video resolution (1080p HD), and also has the ability to configure the Motion detection. If you want something discreet, this model would be ideal for you, like the Elite model.

As you can see Ring has many models, and also has an extensive line of products, focused on the protection of your home, you can also integrate several of its products with other applications and smart products.

Ok, let’s talk about the next two.

Nest Hello Doorbell

Price: $229

I have to tell you something, the Ring Doorbell I like a lot, but the doorbell Nest Hello, I like it even more, I like its design as its functionality, what makes this doorbell different are two things:

Facial recognition: you can store all those familiar faces that touch your door frequently, so you’ll know who is in front of your door even when you can not see at that moment who it is.

Pre-recorded messages: this function I like even more than the previous one, there are moments that you can not talk (you’re in a meeting, in the cinema, among other things) and answer the person who is in front of your door, but Nest Hello Doorbell It allows you to record some messages that you will be able to use in situations like that. What do you think of that? Wonderful, right?

The rest of the technical features are very similar to the rest of the doorbells, the video resolution of the Nest Hello is 1080p HD with HDR technology, which helps very well with brightness and shadows, it has no battery.

Nest also has different products for the protection of your home, and you can integrate it with Alexa and Google Home.

You can get it on Amazon

SkyBell Doorbell

Price: $199

The last but not least we have the Skybell doorbell, this smart doorbell has similar characteristics that the two brands that I mentioned earlier, is much more similar to the Ring doorbell.

What makes the Skybell doorbell different from the Ring and Nest Smart Doorbell is that both Ring and Nest you must pay a monthly subscription to save all your events in the cloud, but Skybell offers you the possibility to save it for free, you just have to register your Skybell doorbell on the platform to start to enjoy the service.

You can get it on Amazon

All the doorbells mentioned in this post are excellent and bring very good features, my personal recommendation, is that you choose the brand you choose you should think if in the future you will want to add other devices like cameras and alarms, and it is highly recommended that everything equipment is of a brand name to ensure greater compatibility between them.

The best doorbell you can choose is the one that suits your needs. Price and quality do not stop being important but you must ensure if they have the functions you want.

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