Live CD or USB to Copy and Paste Files

In some cases if your computer does not start, it is likely that you will have to extract your information before trying to reinstall the operating system again, to avoid deleting your information and losing all your important files. A live operating system is mounted in the memory of your computer allowing you to access your files and make a backup of them, which is very convenient if you decide to take your computer to another place to install the operating system again.


Live CD or USB to Copy and Paste Files


You can get a CD or USB memory with the operating system that will help you recover your files, its use is very simple. When making the purchase I will send to your email the instructions for its use.

This software is ideal for when your operating system does not load, and you need to extract your information from that computer, either to reinstall the operating system, or take the equipment so that a technician can do it for you.

With this you make sure that nobody will lose your information or have access to it, since you can delete the files once you have made your copy.

This tool will not damage your equipment or make any changes, once you remove the CD everything will return to normal.

You can request the software in USB or CD everything will depend if your equipment supports CD unit or not.


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